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Rudely Interrupted by Life…

2 Apr

As the demands of a little thing called Life threaten to discourage the daily post,  and unglue my eyes from the ever-blinking cursor, please know that I am in fact still alive, breathing, and gathering inspiration for the next round of cartoons, beer reviews, wordy assessments on things I encounter, and general silliness, so please standby.

Thank you,



Anarchy in the souffle

15 Mar

So this is what it has come to. The symbols of my youth rebellion, spontaneously, degradingly, almost mockingly etched into such a symbol of adult domesticity as this quarter cup measuring spoon. My kitchen utensils are taunting me with reminders of my punkhood as they are removed from the dishwasher. An almost perfect “circle A”. Dried detergent stain on aluminum.